Our campaign is moving along, and we’ve collectively decided to go public with the progress so far as well as everything we’ll be doing in future. Our first qualm is with CitySprint (UK) Ltd – an industry trendsetter in the exploitation of their workers. We are demanding they raise the rates they pay their workers to London Living Wage standards so that people can earn a decent living for the hazardous work they undertake without having to work 10+ hours a day. We’ve asked them to address these issues, but Citysprint haven’t responded. If they don’t respond by our deadline we will be bringing an active campaign against them involving loud and disruptive protests, contacting their clients, publicity stunts, info-events, wide social media exposure and mainstream press coverage that will bring these issues into a very public light. We petition City Sprint to agree to our very reasonable requests in order to avoid these disruptions to their business.

Clients want to rest assured of supporting ethically sound business standards, and workers will work better if they are treated fairly and financially secure. So we appeal to all courier companies to sign on to our Ethical Practice Charter (see below). Any companies that demonstrate goodwill in their practice towards these ends may be accredited an IWGB-approved employer. If you represent a courier company and would like to discuss further, please email us.

General Charter 2015