What is the IWGB?

We are an independent union. We are a voluntary association of workers fighting only for the interests of workers. We are not in ‘partnership’ with bosses, held back by bureaucrats or pleasing establishment politicians. We are not like an insurance company just providing a service – our members are the union, our representatives are workers like you. Everyone has a role to play. We work together to help each other. The IWGB has had numerous successes securing increased wages for workers across London. Find out more and read about their success here.

What is the CLB?

The Couriers & Logistics Branch (CLB) is a new branch of the IWGB Union. There are already three other branches, organising outsourced workers, cleaners and security guards in both the public and private sectors. Couriers from across many companies approached the IWGB and asked to form a new branch for people working in the courier and logistics industry. The CLB is a democratic forum whose main purpose is to campaign for better pay and conditions for couriers. We collectively decide policy and the direction of the campaign at monthly branch meetings.

Why do we exist?

The CLB exists because there is a desperate need in our industry for inflation-corrected wages. Rates have not increased in 20 years, and many companies have repeatedly slashed them. Many couriers struggle to survive in this expensive city on the wages they receive for their hard work. Many feel powerless to change the situation, so we have come together to fight for respect, improved pay and better conditions.

Who can join?

Anyone working in the courier and logistics industry. Self-employed, sub-contractors, guaranteed and contract riders and drivers are all welcome to join. But we are also here for any office staff too. Get in touch to get a membership form.

How can I take part?

Come to a branch meeting and take part in the process first hand. Alternatively, get in touch, and we can find a way to help you take part. We know it can be hard to find the time to come to meetings, but it can’t be stressed enough how important it is to come along and here what others have to say. We need your opinion and experience too, and branch meetings allow us  to share each others’ ideas and energy.

How much does it cost?

Union membership costs just £6 a month, and is paid by direct debit on the 2nd day of each month. This is split between the main union and the branch – 75% of this money is returned to the branch each month, and is under our direct control. So, the main union keeps £1.50, which goes towards things like salaries, printing and rent, and the CLB keeps £4.50, which we use to fund our campaign. We decide how to spend it democratically.

What does the CLB do?

The IWGB and the CLB are campaigning organisations. The CLB is just a few months old, but we are organising a campaign to increase rates, axe fees and charges, and defend members against any victimisation. Everything we do is focused around increasing awareness of the problems in the industry, and finding solutions to them, especially those that improve the welfare of couriers in the workplace.