Couriers from across the capital are coming together to demand CitySprint UK Ltd. pay their couriers the London Living Wage (equivalent). Couriers earn money per job not per hour, so the lower the rates, the less they make, and the harder it is to live in London. Rates have only gone down and down, and now, we say “Enough! If you really value us, show us!”

We will be meeting at CitySprint’s main London office in EC2, then we will be heading around to visit their clients if they still don’t want to talk to us.

The IWGB Union has made repeated attempts to contact CimageitySprint, but they are refusing to negotiate. For most couriers this will be unsurprising, as they know only too well how commercial and ruthless CitySprint are, and have been in the past. But from the outside, this looks very bad, as CitySprint is ignoring communication from the democratic organisation formed to represent couriers.

CitySprint have slashed courier wages, have never raised them, and pay bicycle couriers as little as £1.25 to pick up and deliver parcels around London on the same day, often within a couple of hours. Deregulation of the courier industry has led to a race to the bottom – a price war between companies. But the companies always pass on the losses to couriers. Rates need to be adjusted to match inflation. If average rates were £2.75 in 1995, and are still £2.75 in 2015, something has gone really really wrong. Rent is double what it was then, and couriers are constantly struggling to make ends meet.

CitySprint claims that couriers are at the heart of what they do. If that’s really true, pay them properly!