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Rates paid by CitySprint to their couriers haven’t increased in 15 years. After years of exploitation, bad treatment and terrible conditions, cycle couriers from across the capital are unionising and fighting for a living wage. Couriers get paid per job, not per hour, so are fighting for an increase in the rates they are paid per job, in order to gain the equivalent of the London Living Wage.

The rising cost of living has made a pay rise a matter of necessity. Couriers deserve to live, not just survive. Couriers deserve the London Living Wage (plus reasonable expenses), especially since they cover their own costs, while not receiving sick pay, paid holiday, maternity/paternity leave or pensions, doing one of London’s most dangerous jobs.

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LETTER TO Mr. Gallagher,
58-62 Scrutton Street, London EC2A 4PH City Sprint UK

We are writing you with concern because we are aware that rates paid to your couriers have not increased for many years with the rising cost of living, and that you have at present not tried to resolve this issue.

We are in favour of your providing fairer wages equivalent to the London Living Wage, and improving conditions for your couriers, since a failure to do so reflects badly upon your organisation, as well as your clients who employ your services.

We are keen to be reassured by you that these issues are being addressed by negotiating with the Union to reach an agreement acceptable to both parties.

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