Couriers who are sick and tired of being exploited by industry-leader CitySprint, took their grievances to CitySprint’s most high-profile clients last Tuesday.

These included:

The City Police, The Corporation of London, Linklaters LLP, HSBC, Aviva, Santander, PWC, Time Inc., ITV, Goldman Sachs and the Guardian Newspaper.

Most of these are already Living Wage accredited employers. So they should be ensuring that their chain of business meets Living Wage standards – in London, that’s £9.15/hr.

Part of the problem we face in the UK, is that the general public lack awareness of the difficulties we face as couriers. Probably most are aware of the dangers of cycling in London, but few know how systematically we are exploited, let alone that we’ve had a pay freeze for 15+years!

So, we’ve been sending the clients this brief protest report so they can understand why we came and paid them a visit. Please take a look – so you can understand too.

We welcome your support – so please get in touch. And if you are a courier – or work for a courier company – please think about joining us. We are trying to improve the situation for ALL couriers and everyone who works in the logistics industry.Protest Report _01

Protest Report _02