IWGB Couriers will be making a surprise protest next Wednesday morning at one of CitySprint’s top London clients.

The vicious circle of low wages is a result of an unregulated industry with no minimum wage (or docket rate). This system is exploited by the market leader CitySprint to poach clients and drive down the wages of its workers, in order to meet profit margins. Clients constantly demand cheaper delivery services, so are complicit in driving down wages. But CitySprint never stands up for higher rates – defending the work that their workers and couriers do. We do a difficult and dangerous job – and we should be fairly paid. Couriers in London haven’t seen the rates go up in 15+ years. We demand higher rates equivalent to the London Living Wage – after costs. It’s time for a pay rise NOW!

All couriers, logistics workers and union supporters welcome! Join the event on Facebook now to keep updated with the details! https://www.facebook.com/events/492601680897071/