Having staged a flash protest in Google UK’s headquarters in Central St. Giles, couriers got in contact to find out what Google thought about it. As it happens, Google went ahead and got in contact with CitySprint as well as the Living Wage Foundation as a result of our protest! CitySprint sent them an email to fob them off, saying our campaign is unfounded and misdirected, so we wrote back to Google to let them know what we thought of their claims.

Google letting us know they’ve followed up our concerns:

A Google response

Statement from CitySprint fobbing them off:

B CitySprint Statement

Our statement explaining to Google why they still have a responsibility to chase up CitySprint and ensure they pay the LLW+reasonable costs:

C Our response

Tomorrow we will be going back to CitySprint to demand they show us respect and give us fair pay. Then we’ll go to another client to have another flashmob. So we look forward to hearing what they are going to do!