Please copy and paste the below email, fill in your name at the bottom, and an organisation if applicable, and send it to the CEO of CitySprint UK Ltd., Patrick Gallagher. His email address is:

“Dear Mr. Gallagher,
I am writing to you with the concern that the rates paid to your couriers have not increased for many years, nor have they gone up with the rising cost of living, and that you have, at present, not tried to resolve this issue.
I hereby petition you to pay your couriers the equivalent of the London Living Wage plus reasonable costs, and to improve their working conditions. A failure to do so reflects badly upon both CitySprint and the clients who employ its services.
As you are aware, the London Living Wage (LLW) is £9.15/hour. This has been widely acknowledged as the bare minimum that workers need to survive in this expensive city. When you factor in the cost of self-employment (including vehicle rental and maintenance, income tax, N.I.C’s, workware and circuit fees), couriers’ real net income needs to be significantly more than the LLW. If couriers don’t earn enough to survive, and cover their costs, they end up in exploitative cycles of debt. This is a socially irresponsible business model, and it can easily be resolved by increasing the rates.
The IWGB Couriers Branch is not asking for couriers to be taken in-house, to be transferred onto P.A.Y.E, to be paid by the hour, or to be given the perks of holiday or sick pay. The Branch is not demanding a fundamental overhaul of your business model or to change the relationship you have with your couriers. It is understood that the industry is based on being paid per parcel, and a fluctuating weekly income is part of the job. However, it is not unreasonable to demand fair payment equivalent to the minimum wage for people working in London.
I am aware that you are proud of your couriers and the important, difficult, and dangerous job they do. CitySprint couriers work the longest hours in the industry, and as such, should be remunerated accordingly. Indeed the implementation of higher rates is long overdue.
I am keen to be reassured by you that you will take the necessary steps to address these issues, primarily by negotiating with the IWGB Union to reach an agreement acceptable to both parties.
Yours sincerely,
+ Organisation/company if applicable”