We are really pleased to hear from CitySprint that they are reducing the cost of working there from £24/week to £10/week for couriers who wear the uniform or have visible logos. CitySprint sent out an email that was initially understood to mean that CitySprint couriers had to purchase their new Bagaboo bags to qualify for the discount, but Fleet have confirmed you can continue to use your own bag if you prefer, you just have to wear the uniform. This will make a huge impact on the welfare of couriers across the fleet.

We recommend you go and see the Fleet Dept to make sure you are on the list and get your costs cut by more than 50%.

To put this change into context – the amount couriers were paying before was £22.74/week. During the campaign, CitySprint decided to increase this to £24/week. Now they’re cutting it to £10/week.

This means if couriers worked 52/52 weeks per year, CitySprint charge them £1248.00 to work there. You also get charged if you don’t work one week, but keep your XDA and Radio equipment at home. Few riders actually work 52/52 weeks a year, but there are a handful that work 51/52 weeks per year.

The reduced rate means if you work 52/52 weeks, you’ll now pay just £520 in total. That’s an overall potential saving of £728.00.

Well done to everyone who has campaigned and supported the campaign so far! This is a big change and we’re grateful to all the supporters who have helped bring about this important change.

However we maintain that is immoral to charge couriers at all in order to work – but we welcome the decision. We will continue to campaign for higher rates in order that all our costs our covered and we have a net income of at least the London Living Wage.

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