After two months of drawn-out deliberations with the IWGB, eCourier pulled out of the final negotiations to rehash a pay rise for their pushbike couriers at the very last minute, claiming the Union was only trying to stir up trouble. Consequently, the campaign to win the London Living Wage plus costs and expenses for couriers working at eCourier is going forward – and has already begun!

You can….

follow the latest developments on Facebook: Couriers and Logistics Branch

support us on social media @IWGB_CLB (tweet using @ecourier and #unhappinessdelivered)

write to E-Courier CEO Ian Oliver at to demand he stop paying POVERTY WAGES to his couriers. Demand he pay the London Living Wage plus costs for their dangerous and exhausting job.

Watch our events page for further details about our upcoming first E-Courier Protest: