Members of the Couriers and Logistics Branch are taking eCourier, CitySprint, AddisonLee and Excel to Court.

Couriers at the big four courier companies are challenging their employment status through the Employment Tribunal process.

Couriers are fighting for dignity and respect and the normal working rights of either a “worker” or an “employee”.

Currently, the industry-standard, is to employ people at arm’s length by contracting their “services” not their “work or labour”. By this means, courier companies can abscond their normal responsibilities towards their workforce, denying them all basic employment rights, such as paid holidays, sick pay and even the right to the National Minimum Wage. However, it is the couriers’ belief that they are all being bogusly contracted as “Independent Contractors” for these purposes. None of them have ever received paid holiday or sick pay from their courier company, despite working for years at each one.

Demille, 22, has been working for eCourier since 2014, says: “I’m trying to change couriers’ work status from ‘self employed contractor’ to a ‘worker’, to gain the right to holiday pay, which we currently aren’t entitled to. We are trying to change the law in the UK to make our livelihoods more sustainable and fair for all couriers.”

The Tribunal Claims have been submitted this morning!

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Photo by Selim Korycki


Protest: Couriers will be protesting eCourier and their clients on Wednesday April 6th, to demand higher rates equivalent to the London Living Wage (plus reasonable costs). Get involved and come along. Facebook event here:

Sign the Petition: You can help pressure eCourier by signing our online petition for higher rates here:

Donate to our CrowdJustice page: We’ll be fundraising for the tribunals via CrowdJustice. We need help with the implicit initial costs and possibly for appeals, should we need to do so. The site will go live in a couple of days!