Our crowdfunding page is now LIVE! Please pledge what you can NOW to help us reach £1,000 to help cover the court costs for this momentous case- you’ll be helping couriers achieve a string of basic employment rights, like sick pay, holiday pay, protection from discrimination, and the right to the national minimum wage https://www.crowdjustice.co.uk/case/iwgbcouriers/ via @CrowdJusticeUK


For far too long employers like E-Courier have divested their couriers of these justly deserved benefits by making them sign contracts saying they are self employed sub contractors, who legally don’t work for the company – even though they wear a uniform, usually work full time and overtime for the same company, follow direct orders from their managers in the company office, and have no say in setting the rates they are paid. But soon these companies will learn that just because you write something down, that doesn’t make it true. The IWGB Union is taking the four biggest London courier firms to tribunal where the Courts will examine the real relationship between couriers and their companies. . If our claim is successful, it will completely transform the working lives of cycle couriers, making them eligible for the basic rights and benefits that they are currently denied: the minimum wage, paid holidays, and protection from trade union victimisation, among others. 

The couriers themselves have everything to gain. Please help us raise the target sum o £1,000 by giving whatever you can!