At Monday’s Branch meeting, the Couriers & Logistics Branch agreed the following statement in support of our diverse courier community.

“Although some aspects of the European project may seem problematic, we think it is very hard to argue against the cultural and economic benefits of exchange and collaboration within Europe and beyond. Brexit has unsettled the framework within which international exchanges were regulated.

Leaving the EU will most likely call into question existing rights of working people regulated by the EU, e.g. directives on working time and paid holiday, maternity rights, redundancy consultation rights, health and safety protection, discrimination protection, protection for outsourced workers, equal treatment of part time workers, temps and agency workers.

We do not know to what extent these rights will be affected but potentially, employers will take advantage if any rights are allowed to become ambiguous.

The IWGB will fight for the highest possible rights and entitlements regardless of the political situation.

The loss of any right has an impact on everyone!

We fear that Brexit will restrict the diversity of the courier community in the future. Roughly 50% of us are European workers at the moment, who face a loss of civil rights and social standing after the referendum decision, even if they are ‘allowed’ to stay and continue to work in the UK. The IWGB values their contribution and argues for inclusion and tolerance. The IWGB will be vocal in support of European workers, as well as workers of all nationalities!

Our enemies are not among us, or in Europe; they are the bosses of the companies that have perpetrated the 15-20 year pay freeze, who we are fighting against, and we stand united against these unfair practices.”