On Friday 12th August, striking Deliveroo drivers met again at 17:00 for a protest outside the Head Office in Torrington Place.

This time however, things did not start off noisily, because Deliveroo had sent an email communication offering drivers a settlement.

After just 2 days of strike action, and increasing media coverage, Deliveroo decided they could compromise by offering hourly rates at peak times, and piece rates during off-peak times.

See photo below for an outline of the scheme.

However, the problems with this proposal are obvious; it’s only for a month and you’ll still be on a piece rate during off-peak times. Furthermore there was also no guarantee that drivers can remain in their existing zone, which is often close to their homes.

There was much discussion amongst drivers regarding this offer for about an hour. Then drivers came together and unanimously rejected the offer by vote.

Drivers then sent a delegation upstairs to the Management to tell them they were still unhappy. The IWGB was on hand to accompany or negotiate on the drivers’ behalf, but drivers were so angry by this point, that 10-12 drivers volunteered to go and talk to the Management, whatever the consequences. Drivers wanted to be accompanied by Union Reps, but when drivers went inside, the Management refused entry to the IWGB, saying, “We only want to talk to our drivers”.

The crowd outside, consisting of striking Deliveroo drivers and dozens of supporters then waited outside and made lots of noise whilst the team were in discussion. Channel 4 news did a live broadcast while we protested, which you can watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mmkr1WcTgLg

The delegation of drivers exited the office after 1 hour negotiating and reported back to the group that the Management cannot be trusted and are trying to force through the temporary proposal. They were significantly more angry than when they went in.

It was decided therefore that Deliveroo drivers will remain on strike, and will keep protesting until the demands are met.