On Saturday 13th August, striking Deliveroo drivers decided to employ a broader range of tactics.

Striking drivers are now appealing to the public to help them by starving Deliveroo of their custom. Drivers called for an immediate and total boycott. At 15:30, striking drivers called for an immediate and total boycott of Deliveroo, (to kindly make their own dinner instead ;-P ) and donate to the strike fund!

It would be great if people who are thinking about spending money on Deliveroo, actually just gave that money to the strike fund. The strike fund was established by IWGB volunteers to financially assist those on strike, and in particular, those drivers who have a hand-to-mouth existence and who really need it. (Please donate to it here if you can.)

A big big THANK YOU to everyone who has already donated to the strike fund!

Just minutes after calling for the Boycott, strikers were accosted on the street by a friendly Egyptian man who said he’d already heard about the drivers’ predicament and was wholly behind them. As a “small token” he generously donated £20 to the strike fund, for which the drivers were extremely grateful and sincerely overjoyed. The man said he admired them for fighting for their rights and assured them they would win. He was shocked and appalled by the treatment they had received thus far.


As it approached dinner time, which is the busiest, peak period for Deliveroo, drivers gathered together to drive up to Finchley to protest. Finchley is one of the main areas being affected by Deliveroo’s “trial” payment schem (the piece rate of £3.75).

Drivers took their message directly to the restaurants that are complicit in Deliveroo’s dirty chain of exploitation. The group spoke to dozens of restaurant-goers, informing them of their plight using the megaphone and leaflets. Some managers and security were hostile, but others understood the drivers’ problems clearly and were immediately on the drivers’ side.

strike leaflet

It also became very apparent from speaking to restaurant managers that they are making lots of money from Deliveroo, and in some cases rely heavily on the service.

For example, Gourmet Burger Kitchen makes a minimum of £1000/day from Deliveroo, sometimes £2000! On Friday, they reported turning over only £160 due to the strike, and GBK Managers had already been in touch with Deliveroo to complian!

We are calling on them to complain, but on the drivers’ behalf too! We want them to join the boycott and to pressure Deliveroo to end its bad treatment of Drivers and reinstate the hourly wage. Managers also reassured drivers that they know how hard they work, and that they do of course, deserve a decent wage.

Drivers also met numerous people during their protest who had already heard about their situation on the news and in some cases had already donated to the strike fund!

Next Steps…

Tonight, striking drivers will continue to take their message to restaurants to inform as many people as possible of their predicament, and to garner support from restaurant-goers!

On Monday, striking drivers will be picketing the Deliveroo Recruitment Office at 79 Pentonville Road, London N1 9LG, from 9am-6am, and would love it if the public would support them. It’s essential to picket this office because it will be easy for Deliveroo to instantly hire more people to break the strike.

Deliveroo employ drivers as “Independent Contractors”, which means they can be hired and fired at a moment’s notice. It is likely that they will try to hire dozens and dozens of new drivers on Monday and Tuesday this week to replace strikers during the strike and after Wednesday when the new contracts are due to come into force.

Please see the event page here on facebook and bring your support and solidarity in whatever form you can to Pentonville Road, to support striking drivers! We know this is necessary because we’ve spoken to new drivers in the affected zones who’ve only been working 2-3 days and they said they’ve been hired on the new payment scheme already.

However, we still demand an hourly wage and call on Deliveroo to reinstate the job security its drivers deserve.



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