Deliveroo drivers staged their 6th day of strike action yesterday, picketed the Deliveroo Recruitment Office, and protest HQ in the evening.

Reports from drivers confirmed that Deliveroo’s system was in chaos, and was instructing drivers to constantly move zone if they were logged in. Drivers also reported numberous phone calls and text messages from Deliveroo Manager Sebastian, who was asking drivers why they were striking and why they were asking others for support. Drivers reported feeling intimidated and scared, but generally stood their ground and continued to strike.

Others weren’t so lucky – we were told by one driver that he appears to have been sacked or suspended! He was working in South London, and was asked to move zone by management. He was busy in his zone due to the strike, so opted to stay in his zone. Management then logged him out and he was unable to log back in!!! This appears to be punishment for simply exercising a preference – by so-called “freelance” drivers. After that, they said to the IWGB: “Where’s my flexibility, where’s my choice?”

This comes off the back of reports from other drivers that Deliveroo have been paying £250 bonuses to drivers who don’t strike – and to those who rat on strikers – by sending pics and videos of the strikers to Management. This is disgraceful behaviour by Management and they should be ashamed of themselves!

The picket of Deliveroo’s Recruitment Office on Pentonville Road was a success, because Deliveroo had found out about the Facebook event and had all but shut down the office in advance. They tried to run operations from their East Dulwich premises as well, but pickets went there too.



The best media coverage today was on BBC Radio 2 – where Jeremy Vine invited striking drivers onto his show to broadcast live. It was excellent coverage and you can listen to it here, from 34mins in:

Channel 4 News also did another fantastic piece, you can watch on Catch-Up here:



Drivers will meet at 11am at Primrose Hill Park and drive to Torrington Place for midday! There drivers will demonstrate against Deliveroo – and demand that they at the VERY LEAST, change it to an opt-in scheme not an opt-out scheme!