Apologies for the radio silence, here’s a quick update:


Since August 17th, Deliveroo have been trialling the piece rate scheme in CKT (Camden & Kentish Town), BEL (Belsize) and HAM (Hampstead), paying drivers £3.75/delivery. Deliveroo have been paying hourly guarantees for peak times only, and these are due to end on September 14th.

Although it’s called a “trial”, this new pay scheme is effectively a brutal pay cut, as drivers find they can’t afford to work for £0/hour when there are no deliveries. This is Deliveroo’s way of cutting people’s hours, and cutting people pay. One driver reported he used to work from 5pm-11pm, now stops at 9:30pm because there are extremely few deliveries after this time, he has no guaranteed money and therefore cannot afford to be out on the street an extra 1.5hours a night.

The knock-on result of all this is the increased productivity and risk taking incurred during peak hours.  Accidents are inevitable as drivers rush to carry out the maximum number of deliveries at lunch and dinner time. One driver reported having two accidents in the first week of the scheme.
Some drivers have opted to change zones to keep their regular (7+1) pay, others have stayed to trial the new scheme, reporting they have had to change their work patterns altogether and are suffering losses of about £100/week, despite their increased productivity.

New Deliveroo drivers on the BEL/HAM/CKT zones are being hired on the new piece rate pay scheme, suggesting that Deliveroo has no intention of returning to 7+1 in those zones, as it replaces old drivers with new ones on the new contract.

It seems like Deliveroo are trying to gradually replace their workforce with drivers on the new contract and make it seem like it was the drivers choice to leave or move zones. Actually, drivers just need money to live in London and that’s why losing £100/week has meant many have had to find other part time jobs.
So the questions now are:

– Will Deliveroo stick to their word and give drivers on the trial the option of returning to 7+1 in their zone at the end of the 90-day trial? 

– Or will Deliveroo just impose the new contracts onto their remaining drivers? And if so, how?

– Or will Deliveroo wait until they’ve managed to force everyone out of the zones and just gradually replace them with drivers already on the new contract?

– And when Deliveroo try to push through a piece rate across the rest of London, what rate will they set for the other zones and when will they try to do it?
– When will Deliveroo decide to pay the London Living Wage plus costs to its drivers?


After a successful one-day strike, UberEats drivers report that the company is still suffering sporadic disruption to its services, and restaurants are unhappy, due to the shameful pay rates that UberEats has chosen to implement.

Having started their business with good promotional offers, UberEats have since been slashing rates rapidly, but is struggling to provide a service as a result.

During and after the one-day strike, UberEats have had a heavy recruitment drive, and has tried to use promotions to get delivery drivers to work consistently.

Their latest move was an instruction saying that drivers will only receive the £3/drop additional fee, if 85% of orders are completed. This puts the onus on drivers to provide a high level of service if they want to be paid a half-decent rate for their work.

This makes life additionally difficult too, as one driver claims UberEats aren’t living up to the agreement. He claims to have missed out on promotional rates for all his work, even though he had only missed out on less than 3% of trips.

The other awful situation with UberEats pertains to one of their drivers Imran Siddiqui whose account was deactivated, we believe, as a result of protest. He noticed his account was deactivated around lunchtime Friday 26th August (strike day), and has not yet been able to log back in. We call for his immediate reactivation and reinstatement.

We believe this is a suspension or sacking without due process, notice or procedure. It is appalling that UberEats can block someone’s means of income at a flick of a switch! Many people left fill time employment or other courier work to work for UberEats and their treatment has been shocking.

Please keep signing the petition to reinstate Imran on here.

Lastly, we issue solidarity with all UberEats drivers continuing to disrupt the service on an ad-hoc basis, and call on UberEats to create a better system that allows drivers to work more efficiently, and does not penalise them for having so-called “freedoms”!