IWGB Couriers and Logistics Branch

You are not alone! Join the union for couriers


photo-19-03-2016-15-32-14What is the IWGB?
We are an independent union. We are a voluntary association of workers fighting only for the interests of workers. We are not in ‘partnership’ with bosses, held back by bureaucrats or pleasing establishment politicians. We are not like an insurance company just providing a service – our members are the union, our representatives are workers like you. Everyone has a role to play. We work together to help each other. It’s about building working-class power so that big companies and corporations can’t walk all over us as individuals. The IWGB has had numerous successes securing increased wages for other types of workers across London. Find out more and read about their successes online on the main IWGB Union website: iwgb.org.uk

What is the CLB?
The Couriers & Logistics Branch (CLB) is a branch of the IWGB Union for people working in the Courier and Logistics industry. Our purpose is to protect the welfare of our members, fighting for better pay and conditions at work. We are committed to promoting improved conditions for their employment and settling disputes between members and their employers and/or contractors. Monthly branch meetings are democratic forums for collectively deciding policy and the direction of our campaigns.

There are three other branches of the IWGB, organising outsourced workers, cleaners, security guards, and direct employees in the public and private sectors. We show solidarity because our fight is their fight too.

Why do we exist?
The CLB exists because there is a desperate need in our industry for higher rates according to the rising cost of living. Most rates haven’t increased for 20 years, and many companies have lowered them. Many couriers struggle on the money they earn for their hard work, especially in London, and are locked into working 10+ hours a day to make ends meet. Many feel powerless to change the situation, so we have come together to fight for improved pay and conditions.

What does the CLB do?
The CLB is young but rapidly expanding. We challenging the exploitation rife within our industry to win higher rates, axe extortionate fees and charges, and defend members against any victimisation. Our focus is not only payrises, but also better working conditions, which means increased working rights and protections. Our previous focus has been on pushbike couriers in London, but we are expanding to include motorbike, van and lorry drivers in London and nationwide.



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