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CitySprint campaign

Campaign against City Sprint

The unacceptable pay and treatment of couriers is an industry wide problem, and we are committed to affecting industry-wide change. Taking this step-by-step,  our first qualm was with CitySprint (UK) Ltd – an industry trendsetter in the exploitation of their workers. We demanded they raise the rates they pay their workers to London Living Wage standards so that people earn a decent living for the hazardous work they undertake without having to work 10+ hours a day. We asked to address these issues, but Citysprint refused to pay more than poverty wages. The campaign we subsequently brought against them included loud and disruptive protests, contacting their clients, publicity stunts, info-events, wide social media exposure and mainstream press coverage that brought these issues into a very public light. Whilst we petitioned City Sprint to agree to our very reasonable requests in order to avoid continued disruptions to their business in the future, CitySprint continued to ignore us – for nine months. The breakthrough came just before Christmas 2015, when CitySprint announced they would increase all pushbike rates by 50p – the first payrise in over 15 years equating to a 20% increase – in addition to axing equipment hire fees, which further boosted courier earnings. Following a holiday hiatus, our membership decided we should move on to tackling the next company in line – ECourier.