IWGB Couriers and Logistics Branch

You are not alone! Join the union for couriers

Join the CLB

Who can join?
Anyone working in the courier and logistics industry. Self-employed, sub-contractors, guaranteed and contract riders and drivers are all welcome to join. But we are also here for any office staff too.

How Do I join?

Click this link to download our Direct Debit Membership Form, to be filled out in full and posted to:

CLB Branch

Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain

12-20 Baron Street

London N1 9LL

If you don’t know the specific address of your bank branch you can put the address of any branch. Make sure you are signing twice – one signature on each side of the form.

You can also join half-way by filling out your personal details on this Google Form – this allows us to keep tabs on who wants to join, but doesn’t have a Direct Debit set up. Once we have your phone number, we can arrange with to meet with you in person and complete your membership, if that suits you.

How can I take part?
Come to a branch meeting and take part in the decision-making process first hand. Our branch takes all decisions democratically and all our campaigns are member-led, member-executed, and member-benefiting. Our approach is based on the tried and tested IWGB technique that has worked before and will work again.

How much does it cost?
Union membership costs £6 a month, and is paid by direct debit on the 2nd day of each month. This is split between the main union and the Couriers’ Branch 50/50. The Central Union contribution goes towards printing, rent, and salaries, while our branch’s share is reserved for funding our campaigns, and how to use it is always decided democratically. So join today and start supporting the most direct route to better pay and working conditions for you and the rest of the courier industry – – – PAY RISE NOW!


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