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Mach1 / G Thompson campaign

mach1 victory

Campaign against Mach1, Reuter Brooks, G Thompson and subsidiaries

The Couriers Branch swiftly moved on to target the next large firm in line: the conglomerate of 13 logistics brand under the name G Thompson, whose largest public-facing brand is Mach1. Following by eCourier’s example, Mach1 welcomed negotiations with the Couriers Branch rather than face a campaign like the one that crippled CitySprint. This time a campaign wasn’t even necessary. After a sustained back-and-forth with the company the members of the Couriers Branch approved a proposed pay package that included a 75p increase on minimum dockets, a significant increase on waiting time and helper jobs, fully paid wait and return rates, the waiving of mandatory equipment rental fees (which is a direct recognition of the exploitative nature of circuit fees), and an agreement to provide or at least subsidise the cost of clothing necessary to the job. It was the third major campaign victory for the Couriers Branch in just one and a half years!